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Youthtown programmes for young women


These are free!

Youthtown have an opportunity to support young women into recreation for life. This programme is for young women who may not be in a team sport or want to explore different opportunities to live a healthy active life. Youthtown also work to set young people up with clubs, organisations and teams if they find an activity that they are really interested in.Check out It’s My Move for more understanding of our programme and the national approach to support young women in sport and recreation - https://www.itsmymove.org.nz/If you have any young people interested in joining, the registration links are here - https://forms.office.com/r/CBGMim0UPm (16-18 year olds), https://forms.office.com/r/gRpwwY0jkM (13-16 year olds) or contact Youthtown via their Instagram or Face Book pages, or visit www.youthtown.org.nz