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Photo by AGHS

Scholarship Winners


As part of our Academic Assembly last week, we congratulated three of our students who won Scholarships last year.

Cyryll Kabigting won a Scholarship in Photography. Her work is currently being displayed as part of the NZQA Top Art Exhibition for 2022 and can be seen here https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/.../visual-arts/top-art-exhibition/ Her work is called Korean Drama Addiction.

Image by: AGHS

Emily McGifford won two Scholarships in Chemistry and Physics. She is currently studying 1st year Engineering at University of Canterbury. 

Mia O’Malley won a Scholarship in Photography. Mia’s work is about special hand me downs from her mother and her grandmother. Mia is studying Photography at ARA this year. 

Image by: AGHS

Sahara Sagisaka won a Scholarship in Japanese. Sahara has returned home to Japan and will study in Holland this September. 

Congratulations to these students. We wish them all the best for their future studies.