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Photo by Anthea Hunt

Wellbeing Week


Avonside Wellbeing Committee organised a Wellbeing Week at school during May.

The Wellbeing committee took the opportunity to put on events to celebrate and help our students to improve their wellbeing. Monday and Tuesday’s event were watching the movie Inside Out, so students could recognise feelings and emotions and take some time out of their busy day and relax with a movie.

Random acts of kindness were distributed over these days too, including kind messages on lollipops.

On Wednesday the committee took to chalk drawing, sending kind messages and brought out a variety of sports equipment for our students to play with over the lunch break to get them physically active.

On Thursday the Compliment walls were put up throughout the school to show gratitude to each other and Friday was our traditional Pink Shirt Day to support kindness and being an 'Upstander not a Bystander'. Some of the committee also spread this message to our friends down at Waitakiri School playing with the children during their lunch time, blowing bubbles, offering piggyback rides and taking fun photos in their Pink dress up. Thank you to everyone who took part and got involved in the week’s events.