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Absence Process for Whānau


We have updated our Absence Process for Whānau.

If a student is absent from school

There are 4 ways you can notify the school of the absence from school of your rangitahi.

You must contact us every day your rangitahi is absent or state all days away on the original message. 

A specific reason for absence must be given. For example; sickness, bereavement or doctor’s appointment. 

When you have a medical certificate for an absence, it must be emailed to: office@avonside.school.nz 

Do not email the ako teacher or any other school address, especially ones with school.kiwi in them; they are not regularly checked. 

If a student is late to school

If a student arrives at school late, they must sign in at the Student Services office. This applies at any time of day. 

They need to provide either a note from home or a caregiver needs to call the school to provide a genuine reason for lateness. 

When this explanation has been received, their attendance will be updated. 

The student will be given a slip to go to class and will not be accepted into class without this slip. 

Contact from School

We send an absence notification out via text between 10.45am and midday to the adults entered as primary caregiver 1 and secondary caregiver 1. 

This text reports that the student has missed Period 1 and/or period 2. Caregivers must reply to this text with a reason for absence if known. 

Text 2

A second text is sent by 4pm each day alerting caregivers that the student has been absent period 3 and/or period 4 and/or period 5. 

Caregivers must reply to this text with a reason for absence if known. 

How to monitor attendance on Parent Portal

Go to https://parentportaI.avonside.school.nz/ 

Sign in using the username and password you have previously been emailed Select Details and then from the drop down menu, select Attendance

If you need your username and password, please email: office@avonside.school.nz 

How to sign up for the School App

Download our school app today using the QR codes below:

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How to sign up for the KAMAR App

KAMAR has a mobile phone app that can be used by students and parents. 

Download the app to have access to see attendance, timetables, details and results as well as viewing the notices and calendar. 

You can download the app by searching “KAMAR” in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Andriod). 

For information on how to set it up visit: https://hail.to/avonside-girls/article/7AizvuX