Pasifika Update

Lesieli Peseta —

Pasifika Achievement and Engagement team

  • Ms McDowell
  • Mrs Kiritia
  • Ms Smith
  • Mrs Lissaman
  • Ms Ioane
  • Kirsty Clark
  • Mrs Peseta

Last week Monday 15th June AGHS staff attended an all staff workshop about Tapasᾱ. Tapasᾱ is a framework that enables teacher and students engage in learning. This is done through the 3 Turu. Turu 1, is about identities, culture and language. This encourages teachers to engage with Pasifika learners by understanding their identity, culture and languages. Turu 2 is about maintaining relationships with pasifika learners, families and community. It supports teachers to continue working with Pasifika people. The last Turu is about using the correct pedagogies to support pasifika learners. This enables teachers to find the best fit to support learning within classrooms.