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Photo by Anthea Hunt

From the Principal


Mrs Catherine Law.

Yet again we have had an unprecedented term that tested our resilience as staff and students. The strength of both staff and students has been amazing and, as we head into the July Holiday, I am humbled by the commitment and care of our staff, and the good humour and determination of our students. Just a read through the articles in this term's Tatler is an indication of the breadth of experiences they have thrown themselves into. I want to thank them all. I also want to thank you, our community, for your support of the school and decisions we needed to make. I cannot deny that Covid has disrupted some of what would traditionally be ‘normal school life’ but the wonderful way in which you as parents have supported sport, coached teams, jumped into virtual Open Night and Parent/Teacher events and stayed in touch with teachers and myself has made a huge difference for our students and staff.

Next term we look forward to welcoming you into our school more. We will have a community connect event – a chance for parents to visit the school and meet the Board and Senior Leadership Team and look around the school. Board elections take place soon and we welcome parents to become more involved through being on the Board. Winter sport continues including Tournament week, and we are looking at events and evenings for our cultural groups to have opportunities to perform. It is exciting to welcome a large group of International students now the borders are open, this is such a great opportunity for all our students to learn with and understand other cultures and make friends from across the globe.

Our Senior students are focused on their NCEA study and should know what credits they currently have, and what they need to do to gain their qualification. Ako teachers will be discussing this regularly and setting goals. Please do get in touch with your ako teacher or kaitiaki if you are concerned or want to talk more about your young person’s next steps. In Term 3 our Year 10 -12 students choose their subjects for 2023 and we welcome parents to be fully part of this discussion. 

Finally, we welcome back Ms Alice Foote from maternity leave and farewell Ms Alisha Saddique who filled her place so brilliantly for the first half of 2022. 

Have a safe holiday. Our aroha to staff, families and students with Covid - take care.