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Photo by Anthea Hunt

From the Board of Trustees


Tena koutou katoa. I am Cathie White, and have taken on the role of Presiding Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, until the elections in September. I would like to thank Jonathan Brooks for his contribution to the Board over the last 6 years. Also on behalf of the Board I would like to welcome all whanau and akonga to Avonside Girls High School for 2022, and to welcome all new staff, in particular, Catherine Law, our new Tumuaki. I have met regularly with Catherine this term, and I have been impressed by her passion for our school and students. It has certainly been a very strange start to the academic year, and our students have experienced the beginning of the year in a unique way. We on the Board are proud of both staff and students for their respect and consideration of the COVID rules and regulations that we have had to enforce and the way that our whanau have embraced a new style of learning. We feel that the health and wellbeing of all is extremely important and has been a constant consideration in all that has been done. Communication is a key factor, and I know that this is difficult when face-to-face meetings can not be held, but the staff have worked hard to develop new ways to keep in touch. I know that I have particularly enjoyed Catherine’s weekly Facebook updates.

As the end of Term 1 approaches, I would like to wish everyone a safe and restful holiday and a very happy Easter break. We can’t predict what is ahead, but I am hoping that Term 2 learning and extra-curricular events for our students will be more settled.