Hero photograph
Photo by Anthea Hunt

Sports Council


This year’s Sports Council is aiming to encourage students at Avonside to keep on participating in sports, even through these tough Covid times. To do so, the Sports Council held a house competition at lunchtime in early February by gathering years 9-13 to face off and compete in a game of big ball football and noodle tag, to boost morale and physical wellbeing between the senior and junior students. There was great participation numbers from Mansfield, who ultimately took the win, earning their house some house points early in the year.

Also contributing to this year’s competitive swimming sports, 6 members from the Sports Council helped alongside staff to assist with responsibilities such as time keeping and arranging competitors into their groups. At the end of this successful event, the Sports Coordinator at Avonside, Susie Paton, announced the winning competitors and Cooper house as the winning house.

The Sports Council have now set their focus on the next event to boost students' physical wellbeing at Avonside. The Sports and Wellbeing Councils are united to encourage and promote this message, by running an Easter egg competition together for all students on April 11th.  200 laminated eggs were hidden within the school for students to find and exchange for a real chocolate egg. There was also one large golden egg hidden which could be exchanged for a large chocolate egg.