Hero photograph
Photo by Anthea Hunt



Last year Microsoft ran an online event series where Year 9 and 10 wahine could tune into inspiring digital tech speakers, see amazing uses of tech and have hands-on experiences.

Eight Avonside students took part and loved it!

Our wahine identified the following highlights:

  • Hearing from Amber Taylor about her gaming company Ara Journeys and the game Ko nga Haerenga a Manu, like PokemonGo but better because you learn cultural stories.
  • Hearing how wahine's love of tech cam about and how they got there.
  • Making pixal art
  • Learning how to code an app on Code.org
  • Finding out about Spot the robot dog and their adventures through Christchurch cathedral.

They also heard a few quotes they liked:

  • Follow the pursuit of learning and be curious.
  • Hang out with people who are smarter than you, it rubs off both ways.
  • Get your cheerleaders around you.
  • Be good to people for no reason!

It was a pretty cool ​experience and awesome that it was online as wahine from around the motu were able to tune it and be inspired by what the potential is to do with digital technology.