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Photo by Anthea Hunt

Z Club


Calling all willing volunteer students and fundraising experts! Avonside's Z club is now up and running and open to all years!

For those who don’t know, Z Club is a high school version of Zonta. As a club, our goal is to fundraise and volunteer as much as we possibly can to make a difference in our community. This year Z club will be fundraising for Heart Kids Canterbury. Heart Kids Canterbury supports families of children with Heart conditions all around Canterbury and lifts stress off the shoulders of parents and caregivers so they can focus more on their heart kid. Unfortunately due to COVID we have been unable to volunteer so far this term but hope to do a lot more in term 2.

Although COVID has been extremely inconvenient for us we have still managed to meet every Monday. Our meetings of course were online on zoom so we could communicate with all our members. From these meetings, we have decided to do a guess the number of Easter eggs in the jar competition to fundraise for Heart Kids Canterbury. We would love all of you to get in on the fun! 

Any students who would like to join send an email to kate19086@avonside.school.nz. We meet on Mondays at lunch and would love for you to join us.

-Kate Hudson