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Photo by Lisa Garrett

Life at School in New Zealand

Lisa Garrett —

New students at Avonside Girls' quickly adapt to our school life. The following information will help you to have a successful time with us.

At the beginning of the year and in term 3 we have an international orientation. During this time you will meet other new students from around the world and spend time getting to know them. We will also go sightseeing around Christchurch and do some fun activities. This orientation is to also help you understand how families in New Zealand live, about the food we eat and how to use the bus. We will help you choose your subjects and take you for a tour of the school. At the beginning of the year you will also take part in our Powhiri, which is a Maori welcome.

The Powhiri is the official Maori welcome. This photo is two girls greeting each other with a hongi. — Image by: Lisa Garrett

We have a Year 13 International Council who will help you at Orientation and they will arrange activities throughout the year.

At school you will belong to a Pou (House). We have four Pou named after famous New Zealand women, and each Pou has a colour which you can dress up in for different school events. During the week will have four Ako times (Home Room or Form Time) with Year 9-13 students from your Pou. You will have the same Ako Class for all of your time at Avonside Girls'.

We support different charities and campaigns throughout the year which may mean you can dress up for the day or we will have an event to support these campaign and raise money or donate food.

Pink Shirt Day to support the anti bullying campaign — Image by: Lisa Garrett

We will offer you the opportunity to join a music group or perhaps you would like to learn how to play an instrument or sing in the choir There are many sports activities and clubs you can join - like dance, robotics and even knitting!

Basketball is very popular at Avonside Girls' — Image by: Lisa Garrett

You might be able to join other subject trips like the Geography trip to the West Coast glaciers, outdoor education camps, tramps and snow board camp.

Chinami was in Year 11 but she was able to go on the Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp — Image by: Lisa Garrett