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Sports Department Update


Winter sport is finally underway with our Hockey 1st X1 playing their first game in Division 2 on 17 June. They made a great start with a win against Ashburton 1st X1. All Wednesday games begin on 24 June. Friday basketball began on Friday 19th June with only 2 games before the holidays.

The netball club teams which play in Saturday competition do not start till 18 July. Because the Senior A team plays in a higher grade they will begin on 27 June and play throughout the term break.

Please note that if your daughter signs up for a team that she is committing to turning up for practices and games for the whole season. Failure to do so impacts on the other members of the team having sufficient numbers to continue to participate.

If your daughter has been a member of the Avonside Netball Club in previous years, and she is now playing for another club this year, she will need to get a release form signed from the sports office. Failure to do could lead to her new team being defaulted or losing points. 5. Entertainment Books are still for sale. Please contact spaton@avonside.school or go on the entertainment site and get an electronic one and put Avonside Netball as the fundraiser.

Avonside Fitness Room

Equipment in the Avonside fitness room has been updated to meet the needs of today’s young women. The room is looking great and is ready to go for some serious training – strength, endurance, power and aerobic fitness. Avonside is fortunate to be working with Mark Drury of Elite Fitness. He has an extensive background as a strength and conditioning coach working with young people through to elite sports people.

Senior students who have an interest in fitness and who would like to become members must undergo a training programme (6 weeks at a cost of $60 ). This will involve learning correct and safe technique for using the equipment and they will be set up with a training programme to suit their specific fitness needs. If your daughter is interested, please email spaton@avonside.school.nz The course starts week one of Term 3.

Junior students (Year 9 &10) also have access to a programme specific to their age group which is advertised here. Mark will be providing this programme which is tailored to meet the specific fitness needs of this age group. This is the first time we are offering it and we hope many students will take it up. Contact spaton@avonside.school.nz to get the forms sent out to you.


What is it? 

The Elite Fit physical development programme is a New Zealand leading, age appropriate athletic development programme, enhancing young athletes’ physical abilities and potential. 

See more attached below.