Hero photograph
Photo by Anthea Hunt

From the Principal


Catherine Law

Term 1 has been an interesting term with new chalIenges for the Avonside community. Our new Year 9s started the year under the Red setting, and we had to re-shape initial school events from House challenges to the Mihi Whakatau for new students and the new Tumuaki. The ability of our students, staff and community to be agile and responsive to the growing pandemic has been amazing.  All aspects of school life had to be rethought, and there was a deep commitment to ensuring that students had access to learning and extra-curricular opportunities. The positive energy that staff put into quality teaching and learning was evident in the interactive lessons and experiments that continued, and musicians, cultural performers and sportswomen continued to practice and have success. This term was a testament to the dedication and resilience of our community.

In the midst of all this, I spent time in classes, meeting with each staff member and groups of students. I came to hear and understand the journey that the school has been on to arrive at its new site, only to then have the disruption of Covid. I also met with the Old Girls' Avonsiders' Association and enjoyed listening to their stories. I spent time understanding the cultural narrative of our new site. Out of this it was clear that our vision going forward is to determine who we are as Avonsiders today and what is it to belong to AGHS today. We will do this through looking back into our whakapapa and stories. We will do this by listening to community and students. A strong sense of belonging will determine our values, curriculum development, and create a platform for students to succeed, empowered by their identity. 

I want to thank the Board of Trustees, the Senior Leadership Team, the staff, students and community who have supported me in my first term as Principal of Avonside Girls' High School. It is through such a collective strength that we have pulled together this term, and I have been humbled by the warmth and welcome of all, and the resilience and determination shown by staff and students. Have a wonderful, safe and restful April holiday, and I look forward to seeing you all with a renewed energy on Monday May 2nd.