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Here are some mental health and wellbeing apps and useful links to websites. Mobile phone apps can be a useful tool for helping you to manage anxiety, stress, depression, and emotional wellbeing.


Melon is an app with a health journal, resources and self-awareness tools to help you manage your emotional wellbeing. You can also join their online community to connect with and support others and watch daily webinars about health and wellbeing (Melon Health)

Mentemia is an app that you can use to monitor, manage and improve your mental wellbeing by setting daily goals and tracking your progress

Thinkladder is designed to help you identify and change unhelpful thinking and belief patterns.

Shine Meditation Box

Perspective Daily reflection and mood tracker

My Coping Plan Is designed to help improve the way you respond to unpleasant emotions like stress, anxiety, sadness and being overwhelmed. It helps you plan to use healthy coping strategies and is a reminder to use your plan when you are upset.

Reflectly Wellbeing Journal

Smiling Mind


TripleP Parenting

🖥 Websites

Working through depression is a personalised online programme that focuses on positivity, lifestyle changes and problem-solving (The Journal at Depression.org.nz)

Learn more about mental health issues (Mental Wealth)

Mental Health Foundation – for more information about supporting someone in distress, looking after your mental health and working towards recovery

SPARX – an online self-help tool that teaches young people the key skills needed to help combat depression and anxiety

Staying on Track is an e-therapy course that teaches you practical strategies to cope with the stress and disruption of day-to-day life (Just a Thought)

Working through problems with Aunty Dee is a tool to work through problems, generate ideas and find a solution (Le Va)

Common Ground is a central hub providing parents, family, whānau and friends with access to information, tools and support to help a young person who’s struggling

Recognising and understanding depression and anxiety (The Lowdown)

My Compass

Bite Back

Mana Restore

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Reframe Wānanga

With Love: Eating Disorder Recovery Forum for NZ Families