by Melanie McRandle

SCIENCE - Pūtaiao



This is a full year course. Your overall theme is the nature of science. You will learn what science is and how scientists work. You will develop the knowledge and skills to understand the world around you. You will carry out investigations and be able to communicate scientific ideas. There are 4 main areas that will be covered:

- Living World – all about living things, how they interact with each other and their environment.

- Planet Earth & Beyond – the solar system and beyond.

- Material World – all about matter and the chemistry of the world around you.

- Physical World – all about energy, light and sound.


YEAR 10 


This is a full year course that builds on the skills and knowledge learned in Year 9, with the nature of science still the underpinning theme.

There are 4 main areas that will be covered:

- Living World – this year there is more of a focus on the human body systems, genetics & evolution and what makes the living world in NZ so unique.

- Planet Earth & Beyond – all about the systems of the Earth – rocks, water and atmosphere.

- Material World – atomic structure, acids and bases, fuels and metals. What are their properties and how do they react?

- Physical World – forces and motion, electricity and circuits.