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Sport update:

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Physical Education (PE lessons)

Throughout Term 2 the main focus within our school PE lessons has been Large Ball Skills. A range of Skill Specific drills and Activities have been carried out for the development of Catching, Throwing, Passing & Kicking.

Rippa Rugby Tournaments:

Early May we had two Balmacewen Rippa Rugby teams, who headed down to Logan Park Turf to compete in a Otago Metro Rippa Rugby Day. Both teams Red and Blue participated in a very respectful and competitive manner. Our Year 8 Team (Red) only missed out on the semis by the smallest of margins and our year 7 team (Blue) lost in the semi-finals.

Since the Year 7 team qualified for the semi finals this meant they qualified for the Otago Regional Rippa Rugby Finals Day, which was held at Forsyth Barr Stadium in June.

KiwiGolf Programme:

Our relationship with Balmacewen Golf Course continues to grow. Each year 3 groups of 10 students head up to the Golf Course to learn how to play golf and the skills required to use a variety of golf clubs.

Each group gets a 5 week stint with Melanie Harper. Therefore, group 1 has just finished their rotation, with group 2 starting next week.

Spirit Sisters Rugby Programme:

Last week we had our first session of our Spirit Sisters Rugby Programme. This is a 4 week programme run by Otago Rugby offering any girl the chance to get involved in rugby.

The desired outcome is to give as many girls the opportunity to play rugby or have a ‘rugby experience’ whether that be on the field or in the classroom. The sessions involve traditional ‘have a go’ at rugby sessions, rippa rugby games, ball skills, optional classroom education sessions about pathways in rugby and invitation to further develop in rugby.

Thank you Morning Tea for all our Sport Managers and Coaches:

On Wednesday 6th July we are hosting a small morning tea here at Balmacewen Intermediate from 10.25am - 10.45am for all of our Sport Managers and Coaches who volunteer their time to sport teams here at Balmacewen.

As we all know our volunteer sport coaches and managers put a lot of time, effort & energy into making sport happen for our students here at Balmacewen. Therefore, we are hosting a morning tea to quietly thank them all for helping us. It's important for our students to acknowledge our volunteer people, and show our appreciation for all they do.

Upcoming School & Otago Events:

School Cross Country & Otago Cross Country

Term 3, Week 1 (29th July), will be our school cross country. This will be held on Bishopscourt Grounds (fields next to our school).

In the meantime, we encourage all students to do a bit of training over the holiday break, whether that's taking the dog for a run, heading down to a local park and doing a few laps or heading down to the Esplanade and running along the seafront.

We would love to see parents, caregivers, grandparents come along to support our school cross country.

Further information and details to follow, next week.

Otago Cross Country - Friday 2nd of September is the Otago Cross Country Date. This will be held at Kaikorai Valley College. The top 12 times from each category go through to the Otago Cross Country. Students must participate in the school cross country on the day or reserve day to be eligible for Otago’s.

AIMS Games:

Our 2 teams traveling up to Tauranga for the AIMS Games are shaping up nicely. Our Girls Football Team and our year 8 Boys Basketball team, are the 2 teams heading up to compete. Both teams have been training for a long period of time with their respective coaches.

A massive thank you must go to Kylie Cashmore and her team of parent helpers for all their time and efforts towards the fundraising that's involved in getting these two teams up North. Also, a big thank you to those who have supported the teams whether it's buying juicys, croissants or pizza, it all counts!! Thank you.


School Badminton is set to start next term, term 3. If your child is interested please let them know to keep an eye on the school notices, as there will be information and meetings planned for anyone interested in playing Badminton.

Kiwigolf Continuing:

Continuing throughout Term 3, Group 2 (10 Selected Students) will continue on with their golf sessions over at the Balmacewen Golf Course. Once group 2 have completed their sessions, Group 3 will then step up and have their lessons.

School Athletics - Term 3

Term 3, Week 10 (Tuesday, 27th September) is the date set for our School Athletics day. This is traditionally held down at the Caledonian Track. Further information will be sent out closer to the time.

Reminder - Team Trainings:

If your child is involved in a team sport here at Balmac please ensure they continue to turn up to team training sessions set by their coaches. If they are unable to attend either the training or the game, please contact either the coach or manager of the team to let them know your child is unable to attend - your communication is much appreciated.

Yours In Sport

Kate Ebrahim

Sports Coordinator