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Photo by Lisa Dixon

Maths - Tiny Homes Challenge!

Lisa Dixon —

As part of our Measurement unit in Maths Room's 5,6,25 and 25 have been working on prototyping and designing tiny homes for our end of term project - with the need to think about our eco- footprints and the about of space we take up.

After prototyping out designs and planning our measurements for an 84 square meter home, students were then to design their tiny home within one of the following online platforms - Minecraft, Co-spaces, 5Dplanner or Roomle. Most chose either Minecraft or Roomle to then turn their ideas into 3D walk through rooms before sharing, critiquing and improving their designs. This unit reinforced their learning about a real world problem and working our area and perimeter and then relating to a 3D space. An extension challenge was then added to draw up one of the class designs in small groups to scale outside with chalk in the playground.

Below are some links for you to have a look at some of the finished tiny homes on Roomle. 

Anabelle's Home .             Rosa's Home .       Isla's Home