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ICAS Assessments 2022

Jane Hendry —

ICAS assessments are on the horizon.

The ICAS assessments provide an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation. These competitions take place in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region. It is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in a subject area that they are passionate about!

There are a number of ICAS Competitions being held this year. Opportunities include Science, Digital technology, Writing, Spelling, English and Mathematics. All ICAS exams will be online, so it's preferable that students bring their own device however we do have school devices available where necessary. Writing and English require a programme called janison which can be downloaded onto all devices BUT NOT chrome books. Please if your child is signing up for writing or spelling they need a device which can download Janison replay. 

The cost of sitting these exams is $20.70 each except for writing which is $27.03. If you are interested then please purchase an assessment by using the link below through the online shop for parents. Click 'Buy ICAS with a school code'. 


School access code:LSD459

**Payment deadline for each exam**

All subjects - 1 August 2022

Any questions don’t hesitate to flick me an email at jhendry@balmacewen.school.nz. Alternatively students are welcome to come and have a chat with me in Room 22.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Jane Hendry