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Year 7 News

Lisa Dixon —

It has been a very busy Term for our Year 7 students - this newsletter contains a number of articles about some of the fantastic work and activities we have been involved in.

Thank you to our parents and communities who continue to support our students. We now look ahead to Term Three -  The "H" Factor - Our Year 7 Term Three Focus.

In Term Three the Year 7 classes will move on to a Health and Wellbeing integrated theme. The "H" Factor is our catch phrase for the term which will look at - Hauora, Health, Happiness, Hormones, Hygiene, Healing, ...... under the umbrella of thinking about what being happy and healthy is all about. With this unit our PBL focus will be around what matters and is important to young teenagers and their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Students will design apps, models or activities to promote wellbeing for young people. This will be exciting to see what students plan and design around this topic. 

As part of this unit all Year 7 classes will also be covering the Understanding Changes at Puberty unit. This will cover physical and emotional changes of Puberty and developing good body care habits. We will also look at friendships, peer pressure and relationships with others. Teachers are currently planning lots of exciting ignitor activities around our Health theme. If you are a parent in the Health/Fitness industry we would love to hear from you! If you would like to be a guest speaker or take a session with our Year 7 classes - last year we had fitness instructors come in and take sessions, nutritionists came in and talk about dietary needs at adolescence, we had dance sessions, crafts for mindfulness, pilates.... so if you have something you could do and would like to be guest speaker or take a session please contact me!

A well earned break is now here. It has been a busy term for all. We wish everyone a safe and restful winter holiday and look forward to seeing everyone return in Term Three ready to continue the outstanding year we are having to date.

Lisa Dixon

On behalf of the Year 7 Team