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Last Day's to Order!! TERM 3 PBL…. THE 'FFF" Bag

Lisa Dixon —

The FFF Bag is an awesome product Room's 6, 10 and 11 have been working on for our PBL. It is filled with items to help families in our community with their Hauora, and Health. The FFF stands for Fun, Family and Focus. There are a lot of fun things in the bag! Orders close Monday 5pm, delivery/pick up Week 7. The link to order has been sent to all emails and can be found at the bottom of this page also.

What have we been doing? 

Our focus this term is on Health and Wellbeing - and our classes decided to create a business selling Family Bags that promote incorporate fun, focus, food, fitness, and feeling good. We had to apply for roles within the business depending on what area we wanted to work on. 

Our Family Fun Focus bags are filled with different products that make the bag an essential purchase for your family!  We split into six different groups Mindfulness,  Physical,  Magazine,  Food,  CEOs and CFO [Chief Financial Officer] groups and also have a group designing a website to collate all our ideas. Each group had a different product goal depending on their category and together we created ideas to  the BALMAG  [ a Magazine filled with tips and tricks and fun things to do and try ] and the FFF Family Bag- this has all sorts of goodies from home fitness work outs, family fun card games,  healthy snacks,  relaxation activities,  mindfulness colouring,  recipes and a meal you can make as a family similar to My Food bag and MORE!!  The Foods group have also been working with Alison Lambert from Market Kitchen to plan and organise this meal. 

How Can You Get It?

Your family will receive an email today with a link to the order form and it will be available to order on line from today!! Please share and forward the link to family and friends to order the bag and support our business. 

Be sure to check it out! We have been working so hard to bring this together. 

from  the FFF Management Team.

Lisa Dixon

Order your bag here