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Photo by Andrew Hunter

Message from the Principal

Andrew Hunter —

Term 2 is done and dusted! Time to relax and recharge over the holiday break.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making Term 2 a fun and exciting time. There is much to celebrate and be grateful for as we reflect on a very busy and enjoyable term. Thanks to parents and caregivers who have supported school activities throughout the term. Year 8 camps, trips, sports coaching; we have enjoyed wonderful support for our children. Simply, it is only with your continued support that we can manage to offer such a wide range of opportunities.

I do hope that you and your child can enjoy some quality time over the break. What is "quality time"?

I guess that looks different for each of us but hopefully it might include activity both in and out of the home where you have fun, talk, create and share. It might be board games or baking, kicking a ball or riding a bike. Anything that involves communication and shared enjoyment. You can probably guess where I'm going next with this. Think about limiting screen time. I know that the holidays present a challenge sometimes in "filling in the day", but do recommend you talk with your child to make a shared plan that is healthy and reasonable.

There is an old saying that the most important thing you can give your child is time.  A device can't replace the rich experiences and discussions you can have with your child.  All the best with your plans for the holiday break.

It has been a pleasure watching our students learn and thrive during term 2. Learning programmes in both year groups have had impressive results, The Year 7 science expo was a great culmination of authentic learning and the Year 8 dragster challenge was interactive and fun. 

The skills that go alongside these programmes are all important. Communication, teamwork, planning, creativity, project completion are all skills that combine to build strong learning experiences. They are also skills that will help develop life long skills in our young people.

Thanks to our excellent teaching staff and special mention to our dedicated support staff who continue to help students in a wide variety of areas. I'm grateful for their efforts and consistently going above and beyond for our children.

I hope you and your family have  a safe and enjoyable holiday break. I look forward to greeting everybody back at the start of Term 3.

Kind Regards

Andrew Hunter