Hero photograph
Photo by Lisa Dixon

The Zoo comes to life!

Lisa Dixon —

Last week the Balmac Room's 7, 8 and 14 Zoo was presented at our parents sharing night. The students have been working on this term's ASPIRE inquiries to create, make and present an invented creature that would survive in the habitat of their choice.

Throughout this term we have been working on our integrated theme ADAPTATIONS which culminated in the presentation of our Zoo inquiries. Students had the choice to either work on their own or collaboratively in small groups to plan, research and create a creature for a habitat of their choice. They had to think about what adaptive features their invented animal would need. As part of their inquiry they also used a new range of technology ideas that they could incorporate into their finished presentation such as using Cospaces - creating habitats on line, including coding animations into their cospace, using tinkercad to design their animals to insert into cospaces and then view the finished work using VR goggles also. Many students presented their report on their animal using a range of online tools such as google sites, weebly, slideshows and imovie. As well they had to create a model of their creature and it;s habitat. It was fantastic to see this all come together in our parents sharing night last Thursday. We were so impressed with the quality of work that was on display.

Well done to everyone!

Lisa Dixon, Harriet Kinnaird, Richard Olsen.