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Year 8 News

Terry Tarapi —

Kia Ora Year 8 Whanau

Thank you for your support in the running of all our programmes this term.

We would like to once again acknowledge and thank all camp helpers who have made these events possible. The experiences at camp have been memorable. Having a specialist EOTC provider run 2.5 days of activities was a success. Many students and helpers have expressed their delight with the programme we now offer. Thanks to those camp helpers who have completed the online survey. If you haven’t yet filled it out then please do so as it will feed valuable information back to us, especially on how we can improve our programme.

Our focus this term has been the design process. The students have identified a passion and a real world problem they have experienced within this. They have then worked through the steps, using blue sky thinking to come up with a creative solution to the dilemma. We are very pleased with the technologies used to showcase the creative ideas that the students had. Today the students shared their ideas with a Buddy Year 8 class, where they thoroughly explained their project.

Tomorrow will see the Year 8 Classes celebrate the morning at the Edgar Centre. Each class will play a mixture of Miniball, Volleyball and Futsal. The students are able to come to school in their correct PE gear and will need a substantial lunch. The purpose of this tournament is to provide an opportunity for students to put the skills they have learned in Futsal, Miniball, and Volleyball into action. It is also an opportunity for students to demonstrate effective teamwork and Fairplay skills. The students are very much looking forward to this extravaganza.

The beginning of next term is extremely busy with open days/nights high school visits. Please refer to the hail newsletter for the times and dates of these events.

Nga Mihi

Year 8 Teachers