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Photo by Sara Quelch

Extra spelling quiz

Sara Quelch —

On Wednesday the 5th June, nine students from Balmacewen went to Tahuna Intermediate for a spelling quiz.......

 It was inspired by the Otago Daily Times and their Extra newspaper that they send out to all of the schools. In our teams of three, we had to work together to spell words that they called out for us, put the correct word in different sentences, proofread a text, and find things quickly in a dictionary. 

One of my favourite rounds was the mystery challenge. You get given five clues to guess a word. If you get the word on the first clue then you get five points, on the second you get four points and so on. It is a bit nerve wracking because if you get it wrong straight away, you can’t have another go. 

I really enjoyed the Extra Spelling Quiz and we had some Balmacewen teams very close to the top three.

Bethany Elder