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Photo by Lisa Dixon

African Fusion dancing!

Lisa Dixon —

Over the last two weeks, our Year 7 classes have been involved in a range of activities related to our Health and Wellbeing unit. One of the activities that make us feel good and encourage us to be active is dancing. We were lucky enough to be part of this workshop!

On Tuesday the 13th of August,  Antonio Bukhar from Uganda East Africa came and taught Rooms 10, 11 and 6 some African fusion dance moves! Firstly we danced along to three dances and copied Antonio just like a mirror. After those 3 awesome dances, we choreographed an awesome dance of our own that we had to perform! The other Year 7 classes will also take part in this workshop over the next two weeks. 

It was so much fun and the hour workshop ended with each class performing their new dance moves. You can check our Antonio  for your self - have a look at one of his video links. 

Antonio Bukhar

Lisa Dixon

Tara  Room 10