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Photo by Lisa Dixon

Science Show Success!

Lisa Dixon —

In Week 7 the Year 7 Students presented their final presentation of their science show to their audiences. We had Year 3 and 4 students from some of our local cluster schools come to watch our perfronmances.

Six weeks of planning, organising, reflecting, practicing and rehearsing came together in our final show presentations. We were so impressed with the students who throughout the PBL planning process displayed their growing independence with planning, organisation, using time, researching, reflecting and preparing for their shows. From script writing to prop making, writing scripts and learning the science - there were many milestones along the way to guide them through this process. For others this was another opportunity to learn how our PBL programme works and to reflect on what they may need to improve on in their next project. This was also the first time they worked on a collaborative project so learning how to communicate, plan and compromise was also important in order to be successful. 

The feedback from our audience was fantastic. The students who visited were engaged and informed about the science behind the shows. We were also impressed with the range of topics chosen by the students, from sound to fire, eggs to ice cream, aeroplanes  to reactions, rockets to candy - our students chose interesting topics that they thought our young audience would enjoy. Congratulations to those who presented on the day!

Lisa Dixon

Year 7 Dean