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Photo by Terry Tarapi

Year 8 News

Terry Tarapi —

Kia Ora Year 8 Whanau Thank you for your support in the running of all our programmes this term.

We have now concluded our Year 8 camping programme and would like to once again acknowledge and thank all camp helpers who have made these trips possible. The experiences at Berwick Camp have been memorable. The new initiative of having a specialist EOTC provider run the 3.5 days of activities was a success. Many students, teachers and helpers have expressed their delight with the programme we now offer.

We had a very exciting conclusion to our PE programme with our visit to the Edgar Centre today. It was a wonderful way to cap off our large ball unit by playing games of volleyball, Netball and Futsal. Congratulations to all teams for your display of skills and Fairplay.

We have had an exciting finish to the term with our Vehicle PBL. Over the course of this term, all classes have constructed their own co2 powered vehicle. It has been a fabulous way to learn about the 4 forces that impact vehicles. One of the many positive outcomes was working collaboratively with their team members by utilising individual strengths to complete a specific job. Congratulations to all.

The beginning of next term is extremely busy with high school visits. Your child has been issued with a number of prospectuses and hopefully, this will help with your decision. We understand that this can be an unsettling time for students, and parents, who are unsure about their secondary school options.

We wish everyone a relaxing and safe break.

Nga Mihinui

Year 8 Teachers