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Photo by Sara Quelch

Open Day/Nights, Enrolment Closing & Orientation Day 2022

Sara Quelch —

Please see below the dates for High school open days and nights this year:

Wednesday 27th July - Bayfield - Night

Thursday 28th July  - St Hilda’s - Night

Sunday 31st July  - Logan Park - Day

Taieri - Day

Monday 1st August  - Kaikorai Valley - Night

Tuesday 2nd August  - Otago Girls’ - Night

John McGlashan - Night

Wednesday 3rd August  - Otago Boys’ - Night

Queen’s - Night

Thursday 4th August  - King’s Night

John McGlashan - Afternoon

Sunday 7th August -  Kavanagh - Day

Wednesday 10th August  - Columba College

Thursday 18th August  - Enrolment Closing Date 

Friday 11th November  - Year 8 Orientation Day

High School prospectuses that have been delivered to Balmacewen will be given to Year 8 students on Wednesday 6th July.