Hero photograph
A Small sample of work created by students using the free design tool Gravit.io
Photo by Jake Scott

Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead!

Jake Scott —

As Term 2 draws to an end, it has been great reflecting on the variety of tools being explored during the school wide Friday FullSteamAhead sessions.

Students have been exposed to a variety of tools from audio, though drama and in a range of design tools and software.  The purpose was to revise or introduce tools that may be used in the future within their classroom when presenting new learning. It has been clear that students are coming through from our neighbouring primary schools already skilled using Makey Makey, Co Spaces and 3D design among others, and this term has been an excellent opportunity to share ideas and skills with each other in mix of year 7 and 8 groups.  Each Friday groups have been creating and making in a new area. I have enjoyed the mix of students working collaboratively with common goals in mind. Students showed particular focus and problem solving during the Gravit design session, developing skills to hopefully be used in future projects.