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Balmacewen Intermediate School

Important Dates:

Monday 4th November: Room 25 at Long beach - rock climbing.

                                                      room 22 & 23 class day out.

Tuesday 5th November: North Zone athletics. 

                                                      Room 9 at Long beach.

Wednesday 6th November: Room 6 at Long beach - rock climbing.

Thursday 7th November: Room 10 at Long beach - rock climbing. 

                                                        Music trip to Clyde.

Friday 8th November: Room 5 at Long beach - rock climbing. 

                                                  Year 8 Activ8.

Monday 11th November: Room 2 at Long beach - rock climbing.

Tuesday 12th November: Room 26 at Long beach - rock climbing.

Wednesday 13th November: Room 1 at Long beach - rock climbing.

Thursday 14th November: Room 11 at Long beach - rock climbing.

Friday 15th November: TEACHER ONLY DAY.

                                                     Year 8 High school orientation day.

Tuesday 19th November: Otago Athletics.

Mon 18th, Wed 20th, Thurs 21st, Fri 22nd November: Year 8 class days out.

Wed 20 - Sat 23rd November: Girls cricket team at Nationals in Lincoln.

Please see our school calendar on the website for further calendar dates and events.


Message from the Principal

by Andrew Hunter

Bring on summer!

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Year 8 News

by Terry Tarapi

Term 4 promises to be the highlight of your child's time at Balmac!

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Year 7 News

by Lisa Dixon

Another exciting Term is underway for our Year 7 students - their last as Year 7's before they move on as Year 8 next year. We have our term topic "pARTicipate" underway. This is an integrated PBL focus of the ARTS and Literacy.

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School Accounts

by Andrew Hunter

A friendly reminder to pay your child's school account.

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Save the Date: End of Year Assembly and Prize giving

by Andrew Hunter

Thursday 12 December 6.00pm Regent Theatre

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Fish fish fish

by Mary Brady

Year 7 students have explored making clay fish. They also painted fish focusing on mixing new colours and using a variety of techniques.

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Bees Galore in Art

by Mary Brady

In art, more Year 8 classes have been busy using the observational drawing skills of a scientist crossed with the tonal skills of an artist. Next, they explored and played with developing cartoons of bees depicting some of the hive jobs. When designing their bee cartoons they focused on developing their character, setting, story, and composition skills. Some students explored bees through paper collage.

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Year 8 Food Technology

by Alex Buttery

The Year 8's are halfway through their term in Foods.

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What's hot in the kitchen with the Year 7's?

by Alex Buttery

Group 3 have just about completed their time in the foods room.

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Water polo

by Lisa Dixon

Last weekend a team of students from Balmacewen took part in the South Island water polo tournament held in Dunedin over Labour Weekend.

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Community Notices

Community Notices:

by Sara Quelch

Please open to find community notices attached.

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