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Photo by Ann Schaab

It is Swimming Time for Our Creative Creatures' Students

Ann Schaab —

We are all grateful that our Board of Trustees funds all of our students to learn swimming and water safety skills at C-Bay each year.

The smiles quickly appear on our young students' faces almost as soon as they first enter the water. Any brief moment of nervousness quickly disappears as the C-Bay Instructors give each student the confidence to develop their swimming and water safety skills in such a positive environment.

Read what some of our Room 6 students have said about their learning experiences and check out the photos below.

Kaelan : "I wasn't scared about getting into the water but now I know how to float on my back."

Liam: "The Instructors made me feel good about going into the deep pool with a life jacket on. I felt proud of myself and happy."

Phoebe: "I learnt how to float in the deep pool with my face in the water. I was happy that I could do that."

Taye: "I have learnt how to float on my back and say 'Hello' underwater."

Elle: "I know how to float on my tummy and I am learning to do strokes. That makes me feel happy."

Preston: "I can swim but I also learnt how to float in the deep pool without a life jacket which made me feel very proud. We should always wear a life jacket if we are out in a boat."

Tessa: "When I first went to the pool I felt a little bit nervous, but the Instructors helped me feel really good about swimming. I am practising how to do strokes properly now."