Hero photograph
Burnside High Girls at Microsoft DigiGirlz
Photo by Katana Dunn

Microsoft DigiGirlz

Mrs K Dunn —

As part of a worldwide initiative, DigiGirlz is all about inspiring the next generation of girls to be part of our tech future. This was hosted by Microsoft and EY (A multinational professional services firm). Burnside had seven students attending this event held for the first time in Christchurch.

The group had four specific focuses, the first of which was “Hack”, a session which involved brainstorming tech-inspired solutions to common issues such as travelling to school and studying.  Another focus was on Positive Mindsets within the workplace, where we gained a close up view on the new Microsoft HoloLens technology that has been implemented into society. The day finished with a panel discussion, giving us insight into the real experiences of employees working for organisations like Microsoft and EY. Overall, this opportunity opened our eyes to a career in technology with a unique perspective on diversity. 

A tech career is so much more than the stereotypical coding or engineering roles. Every career will involve technology in some way. The day was designed to get us thinking about our future world influenced by tech and how we can get involved. They also talked about the roles of men and women required for diversity in the workplace.