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On line Learning

Burnside High School Principles for Online Learning

Burnside High School —

This period of online learning comes at a time when we as a community are facing a range of challenges. We have devised a plan for online learning which has guidelines for staff and expectations for students.

 The main principles of online learning are set out below. We do not know at this stage how long we will need to be in this period of online learning and it is likely that learning will change, adapt and evolve if we are doing this for longer than expected. We acknowledge that both staff, students and whanau will be experiencing different situations and need to be mindful of the impact this will have on learning.

Learning approaches

Our focus during this time is on connecting with our students to maintain and grow positive learning relationships and to provide consistent and coherent learning for the students. Our programmes of teaching and learning will be adapted to suit the medium of online delivery.

Staff will be providing learning online via the Schoology platform. This will focus on what is essential learning, engaging activities and learning of value.

The learning aims to be flexible, achievable and realistic for both students and staff and may involve online and/or offline activities, all instructions will be provided on Schoology.

The learning will generally be provided in blocks, for example, 2-3 lessons worth of learning or more at a time. This will allow students and whanau to manage device access, wi-fi management and workload.

Staff will be making contact with students on a regular basis through Schoology or school e-mail.

Some teachers may offer the opportunity for live online discussions through Google Meet or Zoom. But this is not an expectation of staff.

We expect that students are interacting with staff and other students appropriately online and living up to our Burnside High School Values of Being Respectful, Having Pride and Striving for Excellence.

NCEA Assessment

Depending on how long we are in a position of online learning the following may be considered by staff regarding NCEA assessment:

  • Modified assessment from home and changing how we collect evidence of learning

  • Removing standards from courses to increase teaching time

  • Splitting assessments to be done piecemeal at different times of the year

  • Allowing more flexible deadlines - (although in order to manage workloads, we will have to cap this to a certain extent). Permission will be granted through the Assessment Officer as usual, but must be arranged ahead of time.

  • Withdrawing students from standards on an individual basis should it be necessary.

How you can support your children during this time?

We are providing the opportunity for students to continue their learning but we also know that they will need to work flexibly (like teachers) depending on your whanau’s particular situation.

Have a dedicated learning space where students can work.

Try and minimise distractions when students are working, equally, ensure they are having regular breaks, exercise, nutritious food and water.

Talk with your children about the learning they are doing and any deadlines that may be coming up.

Have a routine where there is time set aside for students to work on their learning.

Discuss internet safety with your child, NetSafe has some useful tips for parents around this topic.