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Outdoor Pursuits whitewater kayaking
Video by Burnside High School

Outdoor Pursuits Class - Whitewater Kayaking

Mr C Rosengrave —

The PE Department and students taking ODP have just completed a very challenging unit

28 students have just completed the final assessment at Canterbury's most visited whitewater kayaking location, the Hurunui River.

For most, this was the first time to paddle on Grade 2 moving water.  The two days of kayaking tested all of the students mentally and physically.  The environment is stunningly beautiful and it is a place that most can not see from land. 

We were fortunate to be accompanied by two Year 13 students, Max Russo and Hamish Currie who took hundreds of photos and some soon to be released drone footage.  Hamish will be using some of the stills and video for his assessment later this year.