Hero photograph
Photo by Bernadette Shaw

In May ten Year 10 students went on the Spirit of adventure five day trophy voyage in Auckland.

Spirit of Adventure Crew —

Spirit of adventure is a fun and challenging experience.

We flew to Auckland and sailed around the Hauraki gulf for five days on a ship called the spirit of New Zealand. There were three other schools from around New Zealand also competing for the trophy. One was in Queenstown and the other two were both on other sides of Wellington. While on board we got to jump off the ship everyday, we got to do fun activities and challenges both on and off the ship: such as rafting, raft races, tug of war, moonhopper races, plus a lot more to earn points for your team. At the end of the five days the team with the most points won the trophy. Throughout the five days in between the activities and challenges, we  learned how to sail the ship, we got to make new friends and we also went on night watches. The food was amazing and everyone got along with everyone else and it was overall just very fun and a very interesting experience!

By the spirit of adventure 2018 school crew.