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Photo by Sally-Ann Goodman

BizNinja success!

Whitney Burfield —

On the 20th June, BHS Pasifika students participated in the SPACPAC BizNinja Challenge - and won! They then went on to come second in the Dragon's Den Competition.


This is a competition based around a business proposal. Two teams entered, with students ranging from yr 9 right through to yr 13. We had Irene Tugaga, Wesley Fifita, Rosebud Fifita and Ofa Puleiku on one team and Rosa Samuelu, Mareta Tuuga Meatuai, Moeivai Tuuga and Seruwaia Qalivutu on the other team.

Rosa, Mareta, Moeivai and Seruwaia came up with 'Phone Drop' which would be a car that doesn't start until the drivers phone is put into a specific place in the car to prevent people from using devices while they are driving.

Irene, Wesley, Rosebud and Ofa came up with the Sei Pe Foundation (Sei Pe being Tongan, meaning 'Okay/All good' or 'Are you okay?') which would be an organisation that runs a six month programme to educate Pasifika Parents and children on depression and anxiety. 

First Place went to the Sei Pe Foundation -  this meant they got an automatic entry into Dragon's Den. 

Dragons' Den

The Sei Pe team pitched their idea  on Saturday the 30th September to a new panel of judges at 'Dragon's Den' (open only to young people aged 12-24 years). They were the only school team there....and they came second! The team received a cheque for $1,500 to put towards their project.