Hero photograph
Jellie Park Planting
Photo by Jon Land

The Burnside Forest enters Jellie Park

Jon Land —

The Burnside Environment Group has joined forces with the City Council to plant native trees along the stream in Jellie Park.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to continue our planting along the Hewlings Stream and extend the corridor of native trees that has been so successfully established on the school's lower grounds. Matthew Arat from the City Council approached us last year to discuss this exciting initiative and we have been only too happy to help. We were gifted over three hundred native plants and a very large pile of steaming mulch! Students, who meet each week on a Wednesday, have been busy getting these plants into the ground.  We hope that this scheme will continue in future years and that we will eventually plant the length of the stream throughout the park. In our very own forest we now have resident native birds and a thriving and busy eco-system. After nine years of hard work the Environment Group is certainly enjoying the fruits of our labour. We hope that members of our local community are also gaining pleasure from the more than five thousand native plants that have been planted on the school grounds. New members are always welcome.