Hero photograph
Photo by Bernadette Shaw

Leah Preston (school nurse and so much more)

Burnside High School —

Leah has given 25 years’ service and contribution to Burnside High School. Leah, thank you for your wonderful and loyal service to Waimairi-iri Burnside High School. Your care and compassion of our students and staff will be missed.

Leah is a rare breed - one of a kind.

She is passionate about her job and the students and staff she works with.

There's never a dull moment with Leah.

She has so much knowledge.

Leah knows most of the students inside and out.

She would give the shirt of her back for anyone as she is often feeding the students, counselling the students and giving them money for lunch or to get home.

Leah's sayings that she will be remembered for:

- Just chill out

- Get a life

- Harden up

- Bye for now

Leah has a great rapport with parents and often becomes friends as she must have seen thousands and thousands of students and parents in her amazing 25 years.

We will value our friendship and professional collegiality and miss her like hell.

Love you Leah

Your two off-siders

Vicky and Vicki