Hero photograph
School's Mountain Biking Championships 2020
Photo by Rozz Guillemot

Schools' MTB Championships (NZSS)

Rozz Guillemot —

This event took place in various locations around Wellington over the weekend 02 - 04 October. Burnside High School had three competitors in this event.

Unfortunately as the Auckland schools were unable to attend due to the Covid restrictions in place in September and early October, this event could no longer be referred to as a National Championship. 

The three Burnside High School students who competed at this event were: Robbie Cochrane, Tom Scotter and Jonty Sincock.

All three boys rode really well and gained some great racing experience. In their finals both Tom and Jonty had clean runs, with Robbie having a mixed bag.


Under 16 Boys:

  • Jonty Sincock: Seeded 27th and finished 26th in final.
  • Tom Scotter: Seeded 28th and finished 32nd in final

Under 15 Boys:

  • Robbie Cochrane: Seeded 10th, unfortunately he crashed and finished 33rd in final. Although at the first check point before his crash, he was 4th fastest.

Cross Country:

Under 15 Boys:

  • Robbie Cochrane: 9th


Under 16 Boys:

  • Jonty Sincock: 55th
  • Tom Scotter: 57th

Under 15 Boys:

  • Robbie Cochrane: 43rd, unfortunately Robbie experienced mechanical issues in 2nd and 3rd stage.