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Library Life 2022

Sally Stanley-Boden —

Looking back over 2022, 1st February seems to have just happened and yet, also feels way back in the distant past. Have a look at what's been happening in the Library this year.

As Term 4 progresses, there is a definite sense of relief that our end of year events are once again happening within a normal – as opposed to ‘new normal’ – timeframe. Exams are part-way through and senior students have been coming in and out of the Library over the past few days – studying, printing off old exam papers, rushing off (very) last-minute completion of assignments, or just meeting up for pre-and-post-exam support and debriefing with friends. It’s very strange to think a good number of these students will be heading out from the Library for the last time over the next couple of weeks.

Looking back over 2022, 1st February seems to have just happened and yet, also feels way back in the distant past. The rollercoaster that has been the 2022 school year – the first one where we are actually living alongside Covid - has involved a lot of pulling together to help everyone but also feeling separated and isolated at times. Starting the year with all of us in masks was a very strange experience. Adding the on-going uncertainty with partial-closures and hybrid learning through the first three terms made it more difficult for us to connect with individuals and students. We have tried to keep relevant through the year with events and on-going competitions and activities.

Throughout 2022, Free Book Friday – where students enter into a draw for a give-away book through the Library webpage - has been popular. Hope the winners each week have enjoyed their prize!

April Fools Day was on a Friday and towards the end of Term 1 – so I just couldn’t miss such an opportunity. ‘Meet Wills and Harry - our new Library Pets’ proved a great draw card, especially with junior students. There were a number of fairly strong discussions around the display over whether there really were tarantulas hiding in the box – and quite a number were very disappointed when realization about the date struck. One student has promised to repay me next year. I’m looking forward to that – I think!

In Terms 2 and 3 we held Welcome back events in the first two weeks to get everyone back into the swing of things. Our junior form class quizzes and Book in a Jar competitions got a lot of interest and entries – and requests for more. I’m racking my brain to come up with some good ideas for new ones for next year. Unfortunately they usually take a lot longer to prepare than it takes for students to work them out!

Poetry Week was celebrated in August this year. Have a look at the photos of the Poet-tree. Some lovely poems and haiku were sent in for this.

The face that tells a story
Stares that make you unique.
The widened eyes that follow you like a ghost.
There is pain within this heart.
The screams of children and ‘shshh’ of parents
That prick your heart like a needle.
The friends and family that cover you like so …
and heal your heat,
It’s all like a never-ending dream.
It’s the wonder that surrounds the world …
and will forever.
(inspired by the book)

Over the past year, with school visitors limited, we have had to make do without our wonderful Parent Volunteer Group coming in to help shelve books each day. This is now a Student Librarian task for each day’s team and they have done a great job. It’s become a favourite task for some – not so much for others, but there are other things that need doing so it’s worked very well. Well done to our Student Librarian teams for rising to this new challenge. The forty student librarians who comprise our daily teams have been led once again by capable and enthusiastic Year 13 Team Leaders. Many thanks to them all for the work they do. We so enjoy having them as part of the Library team during intervals and lunchtimes each day. Thanks also to the Year 13 support prefects and peer tutors who have given up lunchtimes to help in the Library throughout the year – you are wonderful role models for students coming on.

Emma Gibson, Year 13, is the recipient of the Turner Cup for Service to the Library this year. Our congratulations to Emma, a worthy winner.

Another year nearly finished – my thanks to the wonderful Library staff who give so much time and energy to make our Library a great place for students. Thanks, also, and best wishes to the students and staff of BHS who support and use the Library so well.

Sally Stanley-Boden (Library Manager)