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The Burnside Students selected for the New York Academy of Science Junior Academy. From left to right -Nick Zheng 10NMTR, Angie Park 12WSUM, Dilkee Nanayakkara 9NDLJ and Anna Christensen 10SBYS
Photo by Sandra Pooch

Four Burnside students are accepted into the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences Junior Academy

Sandra Pooch —

The New York Academy of Sciences Junior Academy, is a global talent identification and cultivation network with more than 300 partners in over 100 countries. Its' purpose is to prepare the next generation of innovators through three key program areas: mentorship, innovation challenges, and career and university readiness.

To be selected for the Academy students had to apply and submit an essay.

This term the students selected will tackle the Intelligent Homes and Health Challenge, where students will design innovative ways to transform home life and healthcare and the Space Challenge, where students will explore space colonization. Students complete a virtual four-week boot camp to prepare themselves to work on these projects and gain access to learning resources that develop relevant skills in research methods, design thinking, and data analysis. 

Students then communicate on discussions boards to form teams with other participants from around the world. They identify students who are interested in the same challenge project and have similar ideas on how to combat it. With the help of their mentor, they will design a solution to the challenge they chose to complete.

Challenges commenced on October 17, 2019 and final solutions will be due December 16, 2019.

Burnside High School is very proud of Nick Zheng  10NMTR, Angie Park 12WSUM, Dilkee Nanayakkara 9NDLJ and Anna Christensen 10SBYS on being selected for this prestigious academy.