Hero photograph
Photo by Sally-Ann Goodman

Year 11 Geography Field Trip to McDonalds

Mr C Green —

In week five, three Year 11 Geography classes visited the airport McDonalds in preparation for our geographic research assessment.

The visit was used to explore the surrounding cultural environment of McDonalds and examine the accessibility and visibility of the restaurant. Students did traffic flow counts and mapped the area thinking about why McDonalds decided on this area for a new McDonalds. The field trip was used as a platform to get students thinking about Geographic Research and where in the Burnside area could McDonalds potentially open up a new restaurant. Also we all thought it was rude not to partake in the local cuisine, so all classes had some McDonalds too. Thanks to all the teachers who helped out and led the trips, in particular Mr Duffy, Mr Green, Mr Gibson and Ms Lee.