Hero photograph
Felix Backhouse
Photo by Alan Voyce

Musician of the year

Burnside High School —

The winner of the Peter Rowe Cup for Musicianship is Felix Backhouse Felix is an outstanding all-round musician who has contributed at the highest level to every facet of the music department in his five years at Burnside High School.

He came through the Specialist Music Programme at Westburn School and started Burnside as a very good violinist who also played trombone. He leaves as an outstanding trombonist who may still play a bit of violin! Felix has been a member of Malestrom for five years, experiencing every competition success they have achieved. He has been a member of the Symphonic Band and the lead trombonist for the Big Band for five years; during which time he has won countless awards, including Best Trombonist at the Manawatu and NZSM Jazz Festivals in 2018 and Best Overall Musician. He has been a member of the award winning Funk Band for five years and the Burnside Orchestra for five years, four as section leader. Felix has been selected for membership of the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Symphony Orchestra and the New Zealand Youth Jazz Orchestra and has experienced success in the NZCT Chamber Music Contest.