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Cross Country 2020
Video by Burnside High

Burnside High Cross Country Championship 2020

Sandra Pooch —

The School Cross Country was once again a highlight of the school calendar.

This event was originally scheduled to take place at the start of Term 2, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions it was postponed until July 21 - the second day of Term 3.  After some very up and down weather, Mother Nature came to the party and provided us with the perfect morning to hold the cross country. 

There was plenty of enthusiasm shown, as evidenced in the video and some great running.

Thank you to the Sports Council for all their help with making it such a successful morning.

Well done to all our students who competed in the Cross Country.  

Congratulations to all our placegetters.

Year 9 Boys

1st - Ray Suzuki (9SKNG)
2nd - Beck Faloon-Cavander (9SOSC)
3rd - Daniel Lough (9SOSC)

Year 9 Girls
1st - Stacey Morgan (9WWAJ)
2nd - Aria Wakelin (9SOSC)
3rd - Julia Lowe (9NGRK)

Year 10 Boys
1st - Cody Johnson (10WBET)
2nd - Sean Thomas (10SCSS)
3rd - Val Pirliteanu (10SCRF)

Year 10 Girls
1st - Sue Petrie (10SMIS)
2nd - Lottie Mortlock (10SCRJ)
3rd - Maddy Horton (10WWTA)

Year 11 Boys

1st - Theo Walker (11NSMT)
2nd - Youssef Meichael (11WSHL)
3rd - Sam Lamont (11NMTR)

Year 11 Girls
1st - Anna Christensen (11SHKR)
2nd - Josiane Hill (11NSTK)
3rd - Alkmini Giannakogiorgou (11NHNG)

Senior Boys

1st - Thomas Anderson (13SFK)
2nd - Dafydd Spratt (12NMSL)
3rd - Sena Eady (12STNZ)

Senior Girls
1st - Becky Coulson (12STNZ)
2nd - Madison Garrett (12WWLD)
3rd - Caitlin Fabiano (12NSMG)