Hero photograph
Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year
Photo by John Davidson

Sports Awards 2020

Tracy Taylor —

The Burnside High School Sports Awards were held on Thursday 15 October in the Aurora Centre.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in sports this year in a very unusual climate. Amelia Garvey (ex-student) was the Guest Speaker this year and it was great to hear of her life after school with her Golf Scholarship at the University of Southern California since she left school at the end of 2017.

Team of the Year (The Burnside High School Shield) - Girls Y11 Beach Volleyball 

Taylah Holdem and Rosa Vesty 

Rosa Vesty and Taylah Holdem — Image by: John Davidson

Contribution to Sport (The Burnside High Trophy) - Volleyball and Hockey 

Paris Hawthorne and Ella Te Aho

Ella Te Aho and Paris Hawthorne — Image by: John Davidson

Sportswoman of the Year (The Christine Clothier Cup) 

Payton Anderson

Payton Anderson — Image by: John Davidson

Sportsman of the Year (The James Bradley Cup) 

Hayato Miya

Hayato Miya — Image by: John Davidson

Outstanding Achievement in Sport (The Burnside High School Principal's Cup) 

Taylah Holdem 

Taylah Holdem — Image by: John Davidson