Hero photograph
Photo by Robert Petch

Compass Wars: Monday 14 May

Miss K Oliver —

The Aurora Centre was filled to capacity last Monday night for BHS’s very own Performing Arts competition ; Compass Wars.

Late last year we were informed that Stage Challenge was no longer a viable option due to lack of funding.  The Divisional structure of Burnside High School enabled us to have the perfect platform to create our own inter-divisional competition and Compass Wars was born.

Each division had a colour and a decade to represent through dance, drama, music, use of props, costume and visual enhancement - after an intensive term of planning and rehearsals the performances were revealed on Monday night.

Three judges were asked to help out; two were ex Burnside students Erin Wells and Sara Tsai along with Lana Paniflow, an experienced dancer and teacher, who had the difficult job of judging the performances.

The ideas presented by the four divisions varied tremendously.  Senior wowed the crowd with the life of Michael Jackson, West led us on the fairy tale journey of a modern day Cinderella and  North  were placed second with a futuristic performance on technology vs nature.

South won with its thought provoking performance based on the 1980s and the Chernobyl meltdown.

Well done to all those who were involved!