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Future Problem Solving
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Burnside High School Future Problem Solving

Mrs S Pooch —

At Burnside we have a strong group of Future Problem Solvers who challenge themselves to solve the problems facing the world today.

A year spent researching and creatively solving the global issues of Infectious Diseases, Toxic Materials, Philanthrocapitalism and Criminal Justice Systems has culminated in four Burnside High students qualifying for the 25th Future Problem Solving National Finals.

Middle Division (Years 9-10)

  • Scenario Writing: Alia Govin-Fowler (9SOSC) and Lauren Mauger (9NHDC)

  • Global Issues Problem Solving Individual: William Wray (10NTEM)

Senior Division (Years 11-13)

  • Global Issues Problem Solving Team: Combined Team - Emily Davey (Rangi Ruru), Lucy Anderson (Rangi Ruru), Sujean In (St. Margaret’s) and E Wen Wong (11WTAW)

Held in Auckland from the 2nd to the 4th of November, the top Future Problem Solvers from across the country tackled the topic of ‘cloud storage’, vying for the right to represent New Zealand at the 2019 International Finals held in Massachusetts, USA. On Saturday morning, we wound our minds forward 20 years, envisaging a world set in 2038 where cloud storage challenges were a major threat. Two-and-a-quarter hours later, we had finished out booklets and had a little down time before cracking onto our Presentation of Action Plan. As quickly as it had came, the weekend had ended, with Burnside students claiming a host of prizes to top it off. These included:

  • Alia Govin-Fowler - 2nd place scenario

  • Lauren Mauger - 1st place on-site scenario team and 3rd place scenario

  • William Wray - 1st place Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS)

  • Combined team: 1st place in Presentation of Action Plan and 2nd place GIPS

Both William and E Wen have been invited to represent Burnside and Aotearoa at the 2019 Future Problem Solving International Conference in Massachusetts next year. A huge thanks to Mrs Parrett, Miss Hiku, Mr Tang, Sue Williams and ex-Burnside student Jess Schofield for their ongoing support and coaching throughout the year.

E Wen Wong (11WTAW)