Hero photograph
Photo by Sally-Ann Goodman

40 Hour Famine Awards Night

Piper Pengelly —

South Sudan was the focus of the annual World Vision 40 Hour Famine this year and Burnside's group managed to raise $5,025.34.

The group attended the World Vision Youth Conference and began strategising for this year's famine. After fundraising through a bake sale, hot chocolates, a mufti day, and of course famine sponsorship the team is happy to have lent a hand to those in need.

A few of the student organisers were fortunate enough to attend the South Island Famine Awards Night and were able to connect with many other groups around the South Island that had achieved amazing feats in the fight for the people of South Sudan.

Special thanks to Sophie Madsen, the youth worker that assisted the group in the organisation, and all the students involved.

- Piper