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Photo by Rachel Heta

Debating at BHS

Rachel Heta —

Burnside’s debating group has grown this year, with lots of keen Year 9’s joining the ranks.

The Debating Teams have been eager to get out of their comfort zone by debating with each other and against other high schools at the inter-school debates, with one of our teams (Leo Black, William Wray and Franklin Altenburg) coming in first on the leader-board for the first half of the year. We also have some amazing seniors competing this year, and sharing their knowledge with the newbies. This term we had three teams of seniors (Piper Pengelly, Antonios Eskander, Eliza Meekings, Harriet Fraser, Robin Kunwar and Patrick Kinney) compete in the inter-school impromptu competition - where they only have five minutes to prep for their debate! While none of our teams made the semi-finals, it was a fun day, and good practice.  Next term we have the junior regional competition, where hopefully our top boys' team will be able to hold onto their top spot!