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Junior Performance Choir
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Junior Performance Choir

Eleanor Plank —

JPC is Burnside’s un-auditioned junior choir under the direction of Emma Summers.

This year has been fun with lots of performance opportunities and songs to learn. The repertoire that JPC usually learns consists of modern songs and show tunes. Some examples of these are: ‘The Greatest Show’, ‘Someone In The Crowd’, and ‘Runnin’ Home to You’. When we all sing these songs together as a choir everyone does their best and enjoys the experience. We don’t stress about all the tiny mistakes or making the perfect sound. Our goal isn’t to make a completely perfect sound - though that would be good - we're just here to have a good time.

One of the performance opportunities I mentioned before is The Big Sing Regional Competition. This year JPC achieved the Top Junior Choir award in the Big Sing Regionals. Even though things didn’t quite go as planned on the night, we put everything into our performance during the day. And all the rehearsals leading up to it were obviously worth the effort.

One of the ways we learn music in JPC is in sectionals. We have one section leader and at least one pianist in each of out three sections. These students do note bashing with us when we first start learning a piece. The section leaders and pianists and be either year nine or year ten and are chosen by Mrs. Summers based on whether she can see them leading a section responsibly. We also have people who call the roll and take the choir through warm-ups every rehearsal.

One particularly memorable song we have learned this year is The Greatest Show which we have performed on many occasions including the Big Sing. Our most recent date being the year 13 assembly, where everyone was up and busting out a move or two.

But we couldn’t have done this all without Mrs. Summers with all of the hours she has put in with rehearsals, sending out recordings, being with us at all of our performances and so much more. So I would really like to thank her for making JPC really fun and exciting to be in this year.

Eleanor Plank